DAX plunged +200 ticks

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by ScalpGuy, Jul 10, 2007.

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    What was the news?
  2. Sorry, I hit the wrong button :D
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    I see only +3K traded... gonna check last 2 years to see is this how regular


    Didnt find this kind of situation past 18 months... weird...
  4. It's not weird nor uncommon.

    The DAX will often move parabolic and fast with volatility in reaction to a key market event.

    Today's news (key market event) after 1pm est is FED Chairman Bernanke speech.

    You probably need to use a Economic Calendar to know when the volatility will occur.

  5. Last time it happened - I think - with Commerzbank. As far as I can remember. 10.000 lot sell market order or so ???
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    Ok guys can you show me the date when DAX went over 200 ticks to up or down?

    This wasnt usual situation.

    If it's usual then it happens at least few times a year. NEWS are happening all the time.

    I follow the news ofcourse but I didnt see anything this major in it! I was expecting the move but this BIG
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    ANY move to the downside is within the realm of reasonable possibiliby. The Dax is working under a BIG 2X top at ~ 8100.
  8. Mr B

    Mr B

    broke trend line of last 40 odd days and stops got taken out.

    touched 40 day MA and bids came in, as per DJ which bounced at 40 day MA - 40 day MA being the fund manager's g spot.

    the initial selloff was perhaps because of Bernanke boring everyone to death about inflation targets.
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    ASusilovic is my closest bet ;)


    My subject is a bit missleading. I am talking about the DAX Futures (FDAX).

    Anyway, Eurex shows only 50% of this plunge. So something is not ok. I think there is trades cancelled...
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    It went down 200 points this time last month. Not such a big deal for the DAX.
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