DAX mini - does it exists?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by TraderD, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. TraderD


    Could not find it neither on EUREX or EUREX US.
  2. just21


    They reduced the tick size. I think it used to be three times bigger.
  3. TraderD


    I see:
    DAX® Futures min price change 0.5 @ EUR 12.50

    Still expensive:
    current ATR (14) is ~70, which makes it over 1K USD. In many popular contracts in US when this mark is hit, mini is introduced.
  4. This is not the USA though....I don't know of any mini contracts on Eurex for anything.

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  5. Cybren


    There is no exchange traded DAX min, but you can trade CFD's so you can simulate a mini, but then on wider spreads and not through an exchange.

    ABNAMRO's marketindex.com can be of service, but then again, with very active scalping this will not do.
  6. If you want to trade the DAX, then trade the DAX contracts. The only reason to be nervous about trading a 'big' contract is that you are not so sure about your trading methodology. There is plenty of liquidity there, so that's not the issue.

    DAX and STOXX are worth a look.

    TradeStation finally got the data and they provide a nice alternative to the US mini markets.
  7. RedDuke


    I can not believe what I am reading. Trade Station finally got Eurex feed. What happenned??? People have been asking it for years.
  8. TraderD


    There are other reasons to trade minis. One of them: better balancing of trade units in portfolio.
  9. clacy


    Not to mention the margin requirements for the DAX. Isn't it like $16,000?
  10. RedDuke


    Nope, it is EUR 2,000. Some brokers are asking for a higher one though The highest I have seen is $7,000.
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