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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Casso, Jun 23, 2003.

  1. Casso


    Anyone trading the dax that can be of help will be much appreciated.

    Is there any market sentiment indicators similar to the Trin or just showing adcance/decline that you know of that is available on the Dax?

    Or how can one write a formula for these on the Dax ?

    Thank you very much.:)
  2. alain


    As I know there is no such thing as TRIN for the Dax. You would have to build it yourself. I once did that for the Euro Stoxx...
  3. Casso



    Any way on how to start building your own trin for the dax?

    Did it help you by any way trading the eurostoxx?

    Thank you
  4. alain


    Basically the TRIN measures the relative rate of volume that is flowing into advancing or declining stocks. So it tells you the general direction of price and rate of volume.

    TRIN = (# of advancing issues/# of declining issues)/(volume of advancing issues/volume of declining issues)

    The best advantage of this indicator lies in it's base. Most regular indicators are calculated from the price action... they represent some relation between the price of now and the price some time ago.

    I use this indicator to give me a market direction in which I weight the signals more. So if the Trin is bullish then I doubled the positions on bullish market signals.

    You can do that in a VB script or better in C++.