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  1. If anyone here has any knowledge on the DAX please share.
    1. What they are. 2. What is the underlying security. 3. What firms allow one to trade them. Thank you.

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    type in google.com and do a little homework, I mean come on, you've got to try a little.
  3. 1. A volatile and liquid instrument which you can make or lose a lot of money on
    2. The German stock market index
    2. Interactive Brokers
  4. Sorry, for some reason I can't paste the exact link to the description but you can use that link to go to IB's page and type DAX in the search panel and you should find some useful information.
  5. In reply to your "spoonfed' comment. When one wants to find pertinent information on a subjective topic as day trading typing in a search will not exactly give you unbiased data.

    Asking real traders, novice or otherwise who possible trade the DAX, will atleast give you a slightly better understanding. Next time you have any trading questions don't ask the chat room, Mr. Tracedef. Do a little homework, just do a search. According to you, all the truth is right there on google.com

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    You've got al little growin' up to do yourself. These questions have been asked about NQ, ES, DAX, etc.. over and over again. If someone would bother to do a search on ET, he would find numerous posts covering the subject. still we see dozens of these questions every month.
  7. How asking or not asking a question equates to maturity is a mystery. Are you guys traders or elementary school substitutes? Maybe, Mr. Mature Ditch, I didn't find the info. I wanted in the other posts, but I'm sure that never crossed your adult mind.

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    Talking about maturity... How about thanking the guy, who answered your question, instead of sending me obnoxious PMs'?
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