DAX Futures & FTSE Futures: Key Stats...why better than ES,YM,NQ,ER2...read here

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  1. DAX

    daytrade margin: 2,000E=$3,095
    1 pt=25E=$39

    Average range=125 points=$4,875.00

    ...and so on...

    FTSE 100

    daytrade margin: 675BP=$1,325

    Average range=105 points=$2,100.00

    ...and so on...

    Yes, the DAX and FTSE 100 offer great trading opportunities per ONLY 1 CONTRACT...not like the ES, YM, NQ (all three $300 daytrade margin), ER2($500 daytrade margin) where you need to 'load up' on multible contracts and get hit on commissions etc...agree?...your thoughts?...
  2. oh yea...of course there is the MASSIVE Crude Oil (CL) future...with a daily range of about $5,850.00...WOW...that is some serious muscle per ONLY ONE CONTRACT!!!...the BIG boys...DAX, FTSE and CL...but...anyone here trade the "Natty"...Natural Gas?...I here that is the MAMMOTH future of all BIG BANG ONE CONTRACT TRADES...OR...EVEN BIGGER IS THE BIG/LARGE (not emini) SP500...thoughts?
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    About what ??:confused:
  4. do you agree?disagree?...like the DAX because, the FTSE because...the ES,YM etc.because...etc...like trading 1 BIG DAX contract or say 10 ES contracts etc.?
  5. I think it depends on your system and your risk management.

    Some systems call for contract loading when going with the trend, pretty much compounding the move, and scaling in/out of a core position.

    not everyone has the the margin requirements to trade 10+ CL or DAX contracts or the cushion to absorb losses when trades go the other way. The Dax and CL are wild beasts!!

    honestly there isn't one contract that is better than the other, just find the contract that suits your needs and make money.
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    hmm I think i should stick with DJSTOXX 50 for now :)