DAX-Future levels

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Joma, Dec 14, 2006.

  1. Joma


    resistance minor 6559, major 6576
    support minor 6512, major 6454

    anybody agrees over here ?

  2. Joma


    1) 6521-6530 and

    2) 6428-6449

    Look for the gaps to close in the next hours / days
  3. Could you tell me what kind of volume Dax and Estx50 are doing these days?
  4. RedDuke


    Dax about 120k-150k per day, Stoxx about 1 mil per day.
  5. Joma


    Upper band resistance level 6576 reached today. Look for a short sqeeze ´til 6600 and maybe sharp sell-off tomorrow. Maybe triggered through cpi-numbers.

    resistance for tomorrow : 6600
    minor support : 6512
    major support : 6427
  6. Joma


    Buying 6850 calls, selling the March Future...
  7. Joma


    Don´t know what the trigger will be, but it is going to hit this level in the next couple of days....

    and yes : still short March DAX Future and hedged with 6850 DAX call-options

    tomorrow´s IFO - Index, expected to be good - but I am expecting buy the rumors sell the facts trading....

    Have a good night, boys and girls...:)
  8. Joma


    O.K. IFO is the trigger...So, Bundesbank�s Weber did know it before and was urging for further rate hikes...

    I have covered some of my shorts at 6587.00. We are little bit oversold here, but the next wave will come.... Good morning altogether...:D
  9. asap


    hold your breath now. the cpi is coming out.:D
  10. Joma


    We are movin´right now to MA ( 10 ) at 6637,50, if US PPI is O.K. we might see 6691, but nevertheless playin´ this market from the short side...
    Goldman Sachs yesterday reported they are expecting the FED to cut rates in the second half of the year...
    Hmmm, what about the economy if they think the FED has to cut rates...???
    Most probably the US consumer will catch the knife by raising retail sales another 1% - like the November figures suggested...Ha, ha, ha...
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