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  1. Hi

    Anyone heard of www.foresight-investment.com

    I see that they provide Index Signal trading strategies among other services for the DAX.

    What are your thoughts and experiences.

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  2. You can suggest where i can find Intraday DAX recommendations
    or stategies.
  3. Hello saikiranray
    I am a brand new member here and just saw you posting under Eurex.
    I do know www.foresight-investment.com ( I assume that is what you mean ) Their full name is Foresight Investment Strategies Ltd. and they are a group of CTA's who work with an Asset Management firm in Germany who in turn uses segragated accounts for their clients.
    The reason why I know this is because I have been a customer of theirs for a while now.
    In short they are a bit expensive but they provide a good service and they appear to be successful.
    The Director is a nice chap as well.
    ( I can only speak for myself of course)...
    Hope this helps....
  4. Hi Russell George

    It sure helps. I my self was planning to try their service as this is the first site I have seen (It was recommended in TA of Stocks & Commodities Magazine) which give recommendations on DAX. Could you tell me if you know any other sites which may be helpful.

    Thank You
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  5. I dont know of any other sites I could recommend really. I suppose it depends on what you want. I didn't find them via the website I found them when they where recomended to me to do some 'repair work' on an account I had with a broker at the time. I had been previously using the services of a firm called Rock Financial & Consultancy Services who had made a real 'Pigs Ear' of trading Forex for me and I was going to close my account with the execution broker when he recomended I speak to Foresight who placed some business through the same broker at the time.
    Worlds a small palce isn't it ?
  6. eggs


    Is it a british or german firm ?
    Their results are impressive but I am always afraid with this kind of company. I know people who were scammed with such firms.
    If you have more informations please let us know !(brokers and banks they used...)

  7. I know what you mean Eggs.
    I was lucky as I say because of the rec.that I got direct from my broker at the time, but yes you are almost certainly right there are a lot of 'bad applles' out there I am sure.
    I did my homework on that though.
    Foresight itself is like the CTA and doesn't actually hold any client money etc. The firm and the Power of Attorney' with which I deal is a German regulated Asset Manager. (I had a friend of mine in Germany check out their registration beforehand) and the broker with which my account is now,is large enough and well known enough not to have to be checked out in that respect.
    Besides I don't want to mention to much other wise I'll be accused of advertising or something similar if I'm not careful.
  8. Hi Russell George

    I have signed up for a free trial with foresight. I see that they are very impressive but the problem I face is I am novice and mostly in to paper trading than much but I see that you need to have atleast 20k euros to open an account based on their strategies. while I would prefer some one who would give recommendations and then I can act upon them at the broker of my choice.

    well that was just an update. post you thoughts

    thank you
  9. And how has the results been so far?
  10. Hi Baruch

    Well the results have not been good. I thought they will give recommendations about the DAX Index but they are trading stocks listed on DAX which is of little consequence to me I have been signed up for two weeks and they did two trades both of the same stock the first one was a profit of about $400 and the second was in the red for about $1200 or so.

    I am still looking for any companies giving recommendations, advice etc for trading the DAX INDEX. Do suggest if you are in the know.

    Thank You
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    Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to ALL
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