dax/eurostoxx relationship

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  1. I just started trading these futures.

    One elitetrader several members mentioned that they take into account waht the es does when trading the nq or vice versa.

    My take is that there's a similar relationship between dax/eurostoxx

    anyone more experienced willing to share experiences?

  2. Look at an intraday and you will see exactly the same moves in the Dax and in the Eurostoxx.

    I trade the Eurostoxx which is more liquid (avg 300 000 cts/day against 75 000 in the Dax).
  3. I have been studying the Stoxx 50, Dax, CAC40 and FTSE100 for two weeks now. I am going to start trading them very soon. Stoxx50 and Dax definately like imitating each other and the Bund for that matter as a contrarian. Also, I don't know if its just a snapshot in time (past two weeks of my observation) or if it's real, but the FTSE which runs very close with CAC40, seems to rule everyone: CAC40, Stoxx50 and Dax. And usually turns well before the Stoxx50 and DAx. Speaking from a 1m to 5m chart. Again, from 11/18 until today 11/29 this has been the observation. Hope it continues as it has produced some good trades (PAPER !!! )
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    If you put the Dax charts and the S&P E-minis charts next to one another you will see they almost trade identical.
  5. MarkH:

    DAX and SP trade similair starting at 9:30a ET ? Or Dax starts its day the way SP ended day before ?
  6. Generally, Dax starts its way the way SP has traded after the Dax close.
    The Dax is generally very volatile during the first 2 hours of trading.
    When US markets are closed, ES follows Dax or Eurostoxx. Once the US bond and equity markets open, Dax follows ES.
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    it' s the same as with Nq and Es, sometimes they move similtanuously, sometimes they don't. In general I think the dax is more volatile. The thing that i dislike most about the ESTX 50 is that it has the habit of dropping and rising several points at once(gaps between the bars), so it can move past your stop without hitting it. somebody stated in this thread that the FTSE rules everything.... well, this guy is probably British and 100 years old:p
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    wow, this must be the holy grail, trade Es before/after us-market hours. switch to dax as soon as Us opens.
  9. If you are talking about gaps between bars in the ESTX, maybe you have not looked at an intraday chart for a while.

    There is an average volume of more than 300 000 contracts each day and I am generally stopped at my price if I don't trade more than 5 contracts.
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    You need a pair of glasses or another quote provider
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