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    I am looking at the December 2005 Dax contract in eSignal.

    On 12/16/05,

    the 1 minute chart says the open at 9:00am is 5303.
    the 5 minute chart says the open at 9:00am is 5306.

    Why is there a difference? Can someone who has another data source confirm the opening price for that day? Thanks.

    I am attaching the screenshots. Here's the 1 minute chart.
  2. jerryz


    and here's the 5 minute chart.
  3. Welcome to misterious world of esignal.

  4. Another "satisfied" esignal customer. I just recently left for many of problems that are at that company. I can tolerate the high prices they charge, but I cant tolerate paying that much for data that is less then accuarate ( as you pointed out with this post). My advice, run the other way and find another charting service. For the prices they charge you can get a better service for the same, if not cheaper.

    Just my 2 cents
  5. jerryz


    any recommendations for another data feed that's priced similarly or lower?
  6. jerryz.

    I switched to tradestation recently. I only trade the mini futures, so I dont even know if they offer DAX. All i know is that TS seems to be a better data provider, and its MUCH cheaper than esignal. I would check TS out to see if it has what your looking for.

  7. Unfortunately TS doesn't offer Dax futures data. My understanding is the recent change where you can incorporate outside data into TS charts is their short term solution to this.
  8. iqfeed

    iqfeed DTN

    DTN carries Eurex data direct from the exchange so it is fast, and highly reliable. You can receive it with our IQFeed (www.iqfeed.net), DTN.IQ (www.dtniq.com), or the New ProphetX (www.prophetx.com) products. Using OwnData from tssupport.com, you can get our IQFeed into TS software as well.
  9. TheMayan


    Now Im a user of the www.qcharts and i i think they are reliable.

    There are another service www.prorealtime.com. E try it and they are very good. the data is transmit thought its java proprietary application.
  10. You could also use IB's data feed into into say Med Ved Quote tracker or Sierra Charts.

    I am considering this as E signal is overpriced for what it is IMO.

    Anyone trying IB's data feed? I am just concerned about using them as a broker. High margin requirements are keeping me on the fence.
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