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    Newb question, but I'm having a hard time with more information. Is each DAX contract just worth 7,xxx.00 or is it for 5, or 10 units of the current DAX? Also, how much is each "point" worth?

    I'm coming from currencies. One "lot" or contract is 100K. Each point is .0001 (pip). Do I have to be a futures trader to know this? ;)

    Appreciate it!
  2. Each point is worth 25 EUR. To get the value for 1 contract multiply the price with the factor 25.
  3. IIRC, one tick = 25.00 euros = $33.50. tick x spot = notional value.
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  5. Would someone please comment about the trading personality of DAX as it relates to scalping the US contracts.
    Which US contract does it resemble most?






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  7. In bid/ask volume I'd say ER2. Also in daily range and volatility. You can see wild, big swings in the DAX. If you look at price direction, it seems cointegrated with ES a lot (DAX following ES), just moving with way bigger magnitude.
  8. asap, makloda,

    thanks for the responses.
    I'll give it a try.

    I like to scalp ER2 because it can bounce around a particular price point unlike ES, which I consider more stable.

    Just one question: I have read on another thread that taxation for US citizens is same as the domestic futures (60/40) is that correct?