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  1. As we know dax is out performing s&P and almost everyday making new multi year high. if you see the chart you will find it is also making higher and lower high and it seems we are definately in uptrend. I am trying to short this since 4440 and after every new high. But it is not going back 40-60 points as usually it does. Most of the trades I got break even and or plus few points on little pull back. But the question is how far we can go? I am hearing from lots of people and they are overall bearish for all the indexes. Isn't time for us to buy high and sell high strategy?

    your comments would be highly apprciated if posted in appropriate way not the moron way.

  2. You are going to hear several opinions of what is going on in Germany, some say that it is driven by political forces, other guys like Bob Pisani say that it is due to the Global diversification of the big German companies, but no one really knows, not even Wall Street's "experts". But the only thing you have for certain is that a strong trend is taking place in the European markets and betting against these forces can be very expensive.

    The only thing I can suggest is that you better stop trying to predict when they will finish, join the bandwagon and enjoy it while it lasts.

    Auf Wiedersehen!
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    There have been large acquisitions and more takeover speculation, weakening euro is good for exporters, speculation of an ECB rate cut leading to further euro weakening, and expectation of a CDU win in the election. It doesn't get much better than that.
    On the negative side everybody is asking about the dax now! A few weaks ago it was rising before these facts became apparent.
  4. are there DAX equivalents
    of NYSE indicators like
    $TICK, $TRIN, $TIKI, $VIX , $ advance - decline ratio etc ?

    and what data feed vendors or websites might offer them ?
  5. Trends become dangerous when they make the news on CNBC or Fortune Magazine.
  6. when the election will take place?
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  8. What you think if counter trend is not good here then it is good to buy here on pull back or it is too late? If it is buy here then isnt like buying at top?
  9. it seems i got jackpot. Holding short overnite from 4654.00. Lets see how us mkt close today. Initial target at least 4600.
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    No, only for $VIX there is an equivalent with the VDAX. All others are not supported by the exchange.
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