Dax and Eurostoxx Crashing Again

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by vulture, Mar 12, 2004.

  1. Once again the European stock indicies are crashing lower.
  2. The recent volatility has made the usually dull Globex nite sessions very tradeable.
  3. yes indeed. It's like the old days when the European markets were the sympathy play off the US indicies and vice versa
  4. European markets un-crashing already.

    So did the Hang Seng (HK) today.
  5. bebe


    What do you mean by "crashing"? Down 1%? Are you guys panicking just because the markets are pulling back after a huge multi-month runup?
  6. Time sensitive post as you can see. Market was down close to 3% at the time of the writing.
  7. bebe


    I understand. I think "crashing" means down at least 10% on very heavy volume - something like that. A strong pullback is definitely not "crashing".
    Good Trading!