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  1. Machal


    Nice day to all!

    Is there anybody, who trade DAX future or Euro stocks?

    I am from Europe, so I am looking something for trading in the morning. I was looking at charts and those are my first observations:

    1) DAX future, very expensive, large spread when breakouts, breatdowns occur...

    Is for DAX any instrument like QQQs are instead of NQ?

    2) Stocks. I have paid for Esignal data, you have to choose which stock and market do you want to see, so I have choosen XETRA.
    It seems to me, like small liquidity there. May be I am looking at bad stocks.

    Thare are favourite stocks for daytrading in US, so are there any at Germany too?

    I am just trying, so excuse me for these simple questions. :)

    Thank you for your answers and have a great weekend!
  2. 4england


    How about Eurostoxx50 on Eurex?
    Less expensive than the DAX, better liquidity.
  3. estx50 definitely
  4. i'm not sure what you require in terms of liquidity, but 500,000 shares/day is certainly enough. volatility-wise, you'd probably want 1-2 points daily swings.

    i remember looking at it last year, i can't remember any names off the top of my head, but there are certainly quite a few that fit that description in europe, xetra stocks having the bulk.

    there are also a few names in france you could check out, maybe 2 or 3 in holland. i don't recall italy or spain having anything that really struck me as tradeable (telefonica maybe? but the price is too low right now..)

    UK has the tax, so it's less desirable, although they have a large number of very liquid stocks.
  5. Machal


    Thanks for info, all of you. :)

    It seems to me, that I will start with Eurostoxx50.

    I already put the symbol to my Esignal and I will try it at Monday.

    Liquidity almost four times bigger that DAX futures today... :)

    Thank you and have a nice weekend!

    P.S.: Does anybody know, if there is any specialities with Eurostoxx50 futures trading?

    I mean best time to trade, when not to trade, when news are usually released, which strategy works well and what doesn't, etc...?

    Thank you very much!
  6. Machal



    Thank you for your comments on stocks, I will look at them at the weekend. :)

    Enjoy your weekend!
  7. alain


    time to trade: opening till 11.00, 1400 to 1730
    time not to trade: after 1800
    news: look at ez (european central bank), and american numbers
    strategy: buy high sell low ;-) Try to look at opening gaps in the morning.
  8. DT-waw


    important news for estxx trading, imo
    CET time
    10:00 am german ifo
    1:45 pm ECB rates decisions
    2:30 pm U.S. jobless claims, unemployment, non farm payrolls, retail sales, PPI, CPI, GDP, personal income & spending
    3:45 pm Michigan Sentiment,
    4:00 pm U.S. consumer confidence, home sales, Chicago PMI, ISM Index, ISM services

    economic calendars:

    don't overtrade, put at least 8-10k euro for trading each estxx contract. turn on bloomberg tv. you may look at indicators, patterns... good luck
  9. toby400


  10. ESTX50 and CAC40 trade with 1 point equaling 10EUR. I have never had fill problems trading 2 contracts at a time. ESTX50 is very liquid. I only trade from 4am to 7am east coast USA time (sorry for not calculating local time for ya) I have seen a 7:30am announcement time affect these markets and of course all USA announcement times, like 8:30a, 8:45a, 9:15a and 10a. There are some other times too in USA, just find a source like Bloomberg.com to rely on. ESTX50 and CAC40 do slow down during their respective lunch hours. I would be wary of trading these times. There is also the BUND (bond future) that trades massive volume. I have not looked lately but a couple weeks ago I remember seeing 1M contracts traded in one day. This can trend well at times.
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