Dawn Of a New Bull Market...

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Pa(b)st Prime, Apr 12, 2009.

Which Best Describes Your Expectation For Stocks

  1. Much Like the 1990's or 2002 This Market Could Launch

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  2. Years of Flatlining Below 8,000

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  3. Flattish But at Higher 10k to 12k levels

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  4. A 3,000 Dow Is Probably In The Cards

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  1. Or years of lingering pain?
  2. Oh, who knows.. I'm sure you'll do fine there. If not you can always come to ET for consolation...

    I'm looking at the shipping indexes, Rail for the US and dry ships for international... the international trade is picking up since January, it's heading up to where it was in the lows of 2005 with some way to go yet. The rail indexes aren't showing a worsening disaster in the US... they aren't bullish yet. I'm doubting the doom and gloom stuff pretty muchly and am more worried about overcorrection by the bailout folk to cause a lot of inflation..
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  4. Years of severe pain are ahead. This a debt crisis, a once in a generation (or 2 or 3) type event.

    660 is extremely low. I'm not 100% sure that is the bottom, there is just a mountain of money being printed, it's impossible to tell.

    If we formally default in the bond market we immediately start rioting and enter a revolution in 24 months.

    The more the gov't tries to do the worse it's going to get.
  5. i want MORE pain for longs. without pain, the market won't get cured.

    i am not sure the market has endured enough pain for the big launch.
  6. we'll have years of lingering pain. it won't be as bad as last autumn, but with the fed conservatively forecasting above-average unemployment for the next 6 years, i don't see how the market is going to take off like in 2002. everything is driven by consumer spending -- and employment and lending are the biggest drivers of that.
  7. Ghostdog


    We have a ways to go on the downside unless we pull a horseshoe out of our arse and get unemployment do start falling to get spending up and foreclosures down. Not optimistic about it so agree sometime in the fall we should top this thing out between 1100 and 1200.

    Note that moves of this magnitude thru the history of the market has only happened in a bear market rally. Bear market rallies are fueled by hope and Bear markets end in despair. I agree with the other poster, we need more pain before we end this thing. We have a ways to go
  8. ElCubano


    after reading some of the above posts this can only mean one thing.....

    100% upside room to go......yeah baby..where is the turd-muffin when we need him?? could he be a closet-short?? :D

    IMO we are all headed south...market, quality of life, enviroment. It may take years but there is no denying we are in the midst of something that may change our lives for ever...Unless of course that birtish old lady on Bristish idol wins it all....then we have something to chew on...
  9. Ghostdog


    I agree with ya El Cubano on the overal direction...

    but on a more important topic.......

    Am I the only one that thought she was a marginal singer? I mean all the other idiots were even worse but arent we making to much out of this.. Yes its a nice little story about the underdog and a nice little voice, but if I were to really break it down, I found her voice to be a bit maudlin, and overstated at wrong points... Dont get me wrong, she wasnt a piece of dreck like Brittany Spears but compared to the maina, it seemed rather, blah to me... Its a ways away from Maria Callas, Sissel Kyrkebo, Montserrat Caballé or even Martina Arroyo though our media would have us believe differrently..

    Anyone know where I can sell some Susan Boyle Calls? :)

    Am I a Killjoy or what?

  10. Diego11


    im sorry but I have to be bearish. With all the negativism is US stocks. Maybe other countries can do better.
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