Davos: Uhh, We Want $14 Trillion To Green The World

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    This is a joke. Don't these people understand market forces? That's the only way you will get anything like that done. They just want to waste enough capital to bankrupt the leading world economies, especially the U.S. These people are fools and hope we are foolish enough to follow them.

    An unprecedented $14trn (£8.8trn) greening of the global economy is the only way to ensure long-term sustainable growth, according to a stark warning delivered to political and business leaders as they descended on the World Economic Forum in Davos yesterday.

    Only a sustained and dramatic shift to infrastructure and industrial practices using low-carbon technology can save the world and its economy from devastating global warming, according to a Davos-commissioned alliance led by the former Mexican President, Felipe Calderon, in the most dramatic call so far to fight climate change on business grounds.

    This includes everything from power generation, transport, and buildings to industry, forestry, water and agriculture, according to the Green Growth Action Alliance, created at last year's Davos meeting in Mexico.

    The extra spending amounts to roughly $700bn a year until 2030 and would provide a much-needed economic stimulus as well as reduce the costs associated with global warming further down the line, said Mr Calderon, who leads the alliance.

    It is better to try to pre-empt events like Hurricane Sandy, which cost $50bn, by keeping a lid on global warming, concluded the report, researched by the Accenture consultancy.

    Mr Calderon, whose six-year term as Mexican President ended in November, said: "It is clear that we are facing a climate crisis with potentially devastating impacts on the global economy.

    "Greening global economic growth is the only way to satisfy the needs of today's population and up to 9 billion people by 2050, driving development and wellbeing while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing natural resource productivity."

    He added: "Economic growth and sustainability are inter-dependent, you cannot have one without the other, and greening investment is the pre-requisite to realising both goals".

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    So we are going to spend 700 billion a year to prevent a 50 billion dollar hurricane (assuming we had one of these per year on average, which we do no)? Wait, these expenditures will not prevent these disasters, just "keep a lid" on them. LOL

    Sure dude, where do we sign up?
  3. Yes, let's listen to this scumbag Mexican leader who runs one of the most corrupt, filthiest and polluted nations on the planet. I'm sure Dear Leader on onboard with this nonsense.
  4. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    And let's let the bankers hold on to the funds for us while we wait to spend them.
  5. Greenies don't want a world economy. They think humans are the equivalent of a virus that destroys the planet. Once you understand that, they make sense. It's similar to Democrats: they don't want Blacks to succeed, they might vote Republican so they herd them into inner city reservations and keep them poor and voting Democratic... and Mexicans: they will say they just want to work. They will ask for an interpreter at the public meetings, then when they get in power they will discuss things in Spanish and not provide interpreters. And don't forget the perpetual underdog Catholics: they will say they are loyal to your country but they will grow a bureaucracy that rules nearly everything and exclude you from the proceeds.. Women: they will keep on claiming they are the victims even after they go from their current 60% showing in corporate leadership jobs to 100%... The public sector is very easy to understand: they will never have enough money. Currently they have 55% of the GNP going through their sticky fingers and at all levels they are broke.

    Once you understand these things then it all makes sense!
  6. This is actually a good deal when using current government accounting methods. Only spending 14 times as much as the cost of what you're trying to prevent is a bargin. Of course we do need to have a once every hundred years storm happen every single year. Could happen.:eek: Just ask the zealots pushing climate change. You know, the same ones that have been predicting a yearly Katrina in the Gulf for the last 7 years. They are very reliable. The "data" say's it should happen. Never mind that it doesn't happen. Their "findings" are indisputeable.