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  1. bought Ym june at 8769 and sold it at 8748 at noon, thought it will shoot higher
    bought YM june. at 8769 again sold it at 8805, thought it will break though higher

    bought CL at 71.51 and sold it 71.7 in premarket (bounce back)
    shorted CL at 71.1 and covered it at 71.23 (thought it will break down 70.6)
    shorted CL at 71.39 and covered it at 70.9 in pre-market (pull back short)
    bought CL at 71.39 and sold at 71.67 (bounce back)
    shorted CL at 71.6 at the opening, thought it will break down to 70under again, covered it at 71.71
    bought CL at 71.8 and sold it at 72.19 (break through morning high)

    bought ELX at 11.11, thought ELX will shoot at least 10%, wrong, got out at 11.29
  2. I notice I trade too many markets and trading volume is too big. through this journal, I try to correct my wild trading habit and my dsicipline get lined up.

    1. my focus will be just crude (6:30am to 2:30PM), 2:30pm to 9:00PM will be just stock index future ES/YM.
    2. my daily trading activities should be no more than 10 trades.
    3. my risk control for crude is at maximum $0.3, ES/YM at maximum 5/25 points.
    4. profit for crude is $0.2+, profit for ES/YM is 3+/25+ points.
    5. no overnight trading. no individual stock trading.

    through writing down my trading activities, I hope this site help me become a very disciplined trader.


    on the journal first day. feel a little nervous, count my trade number very carefully just like a boss was watching me. missed several trades. at 7;30am around, turned on my computer, saw CRUDE was dropping, shorted CLQ9 at 71.7, later found it was pre-mature, covered it at 72. shorted it again around 8:40am at 72.57, covered it at 71.97 around 9:30am. then did other chores, prepare breakfast for my kids, monitor and help them eat. almost buy clq9 at 70.6 around noon (should be another good intraday swing trade), I found I hesitated to do that because I feel hungry and I think I can not concentrate on trading. later afternoon, bought ESu9 at 916.25, and forced to sell at 918.5 since I need leave my desk for other duties. when i came back to my trading desk, it is almost at the closing.

    watch JAZZ occasinally, almost did a short at 4.8, but glad I did not viloate my own rule, I just let it go.
  3. today is a messy day. my sons caused lots of distratctions to me. I should stop trading totally.

    saw crude was rallying, bought clq9 around 7:30am at 72.57, sold it at 73.19. then did lots of scalping on clq9 because of the interruptions from my family (very unlucky when I got in, something came up, I need to kill the pisitions, I do not want to lose $0.3 passively) , greatly exceeded my trading number I required myself to do. lost $0.5 points on clq9.

    did three trades on ES, lost 3 points.

    should not foce myself to do trading when I could not focus.
  4. 6/16/2009
    after I counted my trading number, i found I did 33 trades on CLQ9. I could not beleive my eye.
    sucked away the pre-mrket gain plus $0.5 points more loss on clq9
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  6. 6/17/2009

    7:00am turned on my computer, try to sezie some trade (my family all sleep, quiet), after pull over IWM (rusell 2000) 3month chart, my wife woke up and pass over my desk, I said it dropped to the support area, then my wife asked me whether it is a buy or a sell for his roth ira and another conservative investment account, look at the three month chart, I said yes, I bought it at 50.75 in my day trading account, late I found I bought it at the wrong time, killed it at 70.45 at the morning low. I should not trade long-term chart, this viloated my trading rule. I should watch influence from other people. that is daily nuisance. of course, late I bought Es at 903.25 and sold it at 913.5, got it back and more. but pretty unhappy about myself, violated my own rule in the presence of other influences.

    bought crude clq9 at 70 in the rebound, sold it at 70.39, then bought it agian at 70.3 and sold it at 70.77, bought it at 71, sold it at 71.37, bought it at 71.29, sold it at 71.05, bought it at 71.3 and sold it at 71.6

    did less than 10trades.
  7. 6/18/2009

    woke up at 6:50am and turned on my computer. sit a while and looked at what was going on overnight with CRUDE, decided to do nothing. waited for the employment report at 8:30am, seized a thrust from 71.4 to 71.7. bought clq9 in the opening at 71.3, sold it at 71.2, then shorted clq9 at 71.18, covered it at 70.85. bought clq9 at 71.3 again, sold it at 71.67. bought it at 71.5 and sold it at 72.09, shorted it at 72.19, bought back at 71.89.
    then did nothing, ended my trading around 11:00am. since I have an appointment around 1:00pm, cooked lunch and ate it and came back to my trading desk around 2:30pm. pretty much done today, no appetitie for late afternoon trading.
  8. 6/19/2009

    shorted clq9 at 72.1, covered it at 72.3, shorted it again at 72.1 and covered it at72.3, shorted it at 72, covered it at 71. very pissed since my wife at that time was mad at me and want to do some thing else, I get very angry since I was at the thrust down trade.reluctant to cover it and shut down my computer.

    feel very bad, and when i cam back, clq9 dropped to 69.4.

    when there are lots of nuisances there, it is impossible to do trading.

    from next week, I will not continue my log since i found I visited this site too much, created another addition or hobby.