Davidowitz: The DOW Could Fall 6,000 Points. Government gone Mad

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  1. There's a distinct possibility the U.S. stock market could plunge as much as 6,000 points if the U.S. continues to rack up record amounts of debt, causing the dollar to lose its reserve currency status, says Daily Ticker favorite Howard Davidowitz. (See video below)

    "The dollar has never been at greater risk," he tells Henry in the accompanying clip. Davidowitz is confident that if Washington doesn't cool its spending habits, interest rates will spike and inflation will soar. Look at the value of the dollar, and the crisis is already brewing, with foreigners and sovereign nations diversifying away from dollar-denominated assets, he says.

    What's an investor to do in this scenario?

    Buy hard assets, he suggests. Davidowitz says investors should own physical gold, silver and diamonds. He also thinks land is a winning bet, even suggesting young adults buy and work farmland. "I think investment in farmland with water on it is a great investment. Finance will be less important," in the future, he says.

  2. even suggesting young adults buy and work farmland.

    If you can download music on a shovel, my kids might be able to identify a shovel, but even at that they wouldn't know what it is used for...:cool:

    Basically kids aren't going to work the land. Nice thought though.

    whoops, facebook has a farmville...hmnnnnnn maybe that's what he is referrong to.
  3. I love how they make such specific number predictions for such a large move ..."could plunge as much as 6,000 points"... basically implies that it couldn't possibly fall (plunge for headline wording!) 7,000 points!

  4. Reminds me of Jim Rogers. The farmers will be driving the Ferraris. Food crisis anyone? Wait...isn't that why the Tunisian revolution started?
  5. He is ignorant of reality.
  6. US financials will at least double from its current values. If you are a long-term investor, now is the time to buy.
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