David vs Goliath

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  1. It's time for the little guy to fight the big giant and win.. I have been trading for almost 3 years and I want to trade full time.. I have a weekend job that I really hate but the good thing is i can work whenever.. So i do get to day trade everyday.. i have around 2,220 in my account and I'm looking to grow it (of course).. Yea i know thats sad but hey that's life.. I trade the ES and I have been studying the charts day and night for almost 3 years.. I'm making this thread to keep myself in check.. Lately I have been breaking my rules.. so if I want to do this full time then it's time to cut my bad habits..

    I don't believe in time goals so i won't be saying "I want to make 20k in 10 months" or "100k in a year".. What I do believe in is reality.. And reality tells me that time goals usually doesn't happen the way you want it to happen.. So most likely this will be a slow grind.. I will start with 1 contract and once i hit 3k i will boost it up to 2 contracts until i reach 10k or so.. Then i will boost it up to 3 or 4.. I will try to post daily.. I don't use any indicators.. I only trade market behavior..

    Ok I'm done for now..
  2. Damn the market was dead today.. I only got one signal and that was at 4pm... so i didn't take it... Oh well tomorrow is another day..

    signing out..
  3. I follow all my rules today.. Today was a trendy day but still slow at the same time.. I could of held for more but hey I wanted to scalp the trade..The trade TOOK FOREVER though... at least 3 or 4 hours lol.. We need some more volatility in this market... but anyways.. I included a pic below..

    +200 for today,

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  4. Nice trade. I've been trading the ES for about 7 years now and I've never seen it this dead. Spurts followed by sideways coils for hours on end. Bots controlling the (in)action. So I went to my local Imax and saw Alice in 3D. Great efx.
  5. Yea I agree.. Its dead like crazy... The market woke up in Jan but I guess that was the sellers making noise..
  6. Woowwwww what a slow day.. You gotta be kidding me right? a 4pt range? I'm not complaining, but gosh lee pick up a little speed here market.. Anywho, I took one trade today and follow all my rules. Hopefully the sellers come back and speed things up :p

    +100 for the day

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    P.s. At the end of most of my posts.. I'm going to start posting things that I think are important for improving your trading...Things that helped me out so far.. I will not post a strategy, but general things that I feel is important...

    Important topic of today is Commitment

    Everything is a process.. Look at the trees, grass, buildings etc that's all around you.. That didn't happen overnight.. It was a process... The more you want, the more energy you will have to put out.. Its easy to make 300 a week on a job, but how come it's harder to do it on your own? Because the energy level is different.. At your job they already have a consistent system that makes them money every month.. and they are able to pay you from that.. If you try to make money on your own then you will need to build up a system from scratch and that takes time (energy).. How long? 1 year, 2 years? Who knows, but just be ready to commit... If you are not ready to commit, please do yourself a favor and quit trading.. Don't try to be a overnight trader..
  7. The market is still slow, but it was a little better than yesterday.. I notice that I need to hold onto my trades longer on trend days... but hey, i follow my strategy today...

    +100 for the day

    Important topic of the day is Moving your stops

    I remember when I first started trading I made that a bad habit.. The thing is... you might get away with it once or twice.. and you might say "wow that was cool, im going to do that again".. but in the long run it will kill your profits.. I saw plenty of people lose a lot of money moving stops.. I don't recommend you moving your stops on any of your trades.. If the trade didnt go your way, oh well move on to the next one.. Stop thinking short term.. it will be more trades later on..
  8. Anyone else trade the es? What do you think? u think this baby is going to 1200 soon? I don't like to predict the future, but we will probably take out the highs for this year and then pull back.. From there who knows.. Probably sideways for a couple of months.. I hope we crash lol..

    Anywho, I follow my rules today but took a lost.. The market was looking strong in the morning, so I bought it based on a signal.. Anyway, tomorrow is another day..

    -125 for the day

    Signing out..
  9. Any es traders out here? Anywho, the market is headed to this year highs just like i thought... It might pull back soon and go sideways but who knows... Today I didn't take any trades because I didn't get any signals.. Tomorrow is another..

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  10. Took a lost today.. I thought I got a signal but I didn't.. So the trade was invalid... Sometimes trading could stress you the F out...

    -125 for the day
    -50 for the week
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