David vs. Goliah (I, II, III)

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  1. 1. I assume you know about the story of little David beating big stupid Goliah. That was David. vs. Goliah I.

    David won

    2. In 2006, we had David vs. Goliah (II). David was Lebanon. Goliah was Israel.

    David won.

    3. During the last three weeks we had David vs. Goliah III. David is Gaza. Goliah is Israel.

    David has just won again.

    Israel decision makers did not understand the essence of the biblical story. The point is to be David, and to have as enemy a Goliah.
  2. Jeez you are an idiot are you not? Israel has killed at a ratio of about 50 to 1 and you suckers call that a win? The Israeli Air Force had a ratio of 30 to 1 in the battle of Baka Valley against the Russian MIG's piloted by Muslims, was that some kind of Muslim victory?? You don't need psychiatrists there at all, it would do no good at all really...

    We just have to laugh at the ME really, I recall when the US army was taking Baghdad after an, oh, I suppose in your thinking, an epic struggle that lasted... what.. you would measure it in hours, I mean, you taunt an army for decades and then you lose your whole country in a day or two.. what's up with that? Anyhow, the spokesman for Saddam was pronouncing the great victory of the Iraqi armies over the US even as the US soldiers took over the Baghdad airport...

    So tell us all, I mean you guys invented the zero did you not, maybe you are on to something here as to how you can incite an army to attack you, get run over like dead dogs in the alley and call that a victory? I mean, the Israelis are being pretty careful to kill off Hamas without messing up too many civilians in the process... they can only take that so far because Hamas guys are hiding right in with the civilians so when an Israeli pushes the button, well it gets more messy than Israeli's would like I'm pretty sure... If Israel was out to kill every living soul in Gaza it would be over already, do you understand that at all?
  3. You are a Goliah.

    Little David


    PS: wars outcome are measured not by how much you destroy, but by the objectives achieved. For instance Lebanon got their prisoners alive and well as they were requesting, but Israel got two dead bodies and paid with 100s more who died in vain to rescue two deads bodies. Israel could have obtained the two dead without a single bullet fired, which is what Lebanon was saying before the war. In addition Israel lost the deterrence for the first time in its history. So hundreds of deads in vain, and losing deterrence, is a clear defeat. Lebanon gained the prestige of making Israel lose deterrence, and made Israel respect its sovereignty by force. The proof ot this is that Lebanon is now firing in Israel, and should be attacked, but Israel does not attack because of Lebanon's deterrence.
  4. It's actually better than that, Israel has lost 10 troops and 7 of them to friendly fire. Brave Hamas warriors have managed to kill 3 israeli soldiers in 20 days of fighting. On the other hand thanks to israel at least 36,000 (500*72) virgins, probably much more are having a very good time in muslim paradise right about now.

    Hamas did not want to renew the truce based on the previous agreement, now they've lost half of their fighters, all their military and government infrastructure, most of their weapons and tunnels, the Gaza population is mad at them, their borders are going to be patrolled by international forces to make sure that they don't rearm and don't fire rockets. Hmm, with losses like this, why would Israel ever need to win.
  5. You are spinning, and bullshitting as usual and as zionists typically do.

    First the 50:1 ratio point: 50 children from Gaza against one israeli soldier. (500 Gaza childrens murdered against 10 soldiers killed). Not a record you should advertise.

    Here is what Gaza obtained:

    1. Complete opening of access points.
    2. Lift up of blocade.
    3. No more agression.
    4. No cheating from Israel as observers will be there.
    5. A cease fire with limited time (as demanded by Gaza) against Israel desire for a long term truce. With limitation on time, Israel has interests not to cheat again.

    The above is what Gaza was asking for before the war, and they GOT THEM ALL.

    Here are the BONUSES they are getting because of to the stupidity of Goliah:

    1. Israel lost the moral ground because of crimes against children for which lawsuits have already been filed in war crime tribunals. Your commanders will never leave the borders again, unless they want to be arrested and tried which we know they will not do as they know that they have committed the crimes.

    2. Complete recognition of Gaza by the world.

    3. Receipt of money that have already been allocated to Gaza out of guilt from the rest of the world.

    4. Reconstruction will build everything back up, while creating a lot of jobs for Gaza.

    5. Israel is put on the same level as Hamas in UN resolution.

    6. In UN resolution, Israel is treated as having made terrorist acts.

    7. Consequence of 6. is that Israel is now recognized as a terrorist of children, women, and old people (all unarmed).

    8. Palestinians will obtain peace from a position of strength as equals not as inferiors in the next negotiations.

    9. Israel has lost its deterrence since it did not achieve its objectives and could not stop even a bunch of armed men after having had 20 days to do it.

    10. Opposition of world Jews to Israel's actions. It shows that zionists and Jews are to different groups, and that there is a large number of good Jews out there, who agree with Pals and disagree with Israel's wars.

    Many other things to list in here.
  6. David , a Jew, kills big stupid Goliath, a philistine.
    Of course back then there was no Palestinian community only a Jewish society.

    It was only later that the non-muslim Palestinians settled on the Jewish land.