David Tice sees multi-year depression coming

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  1. he has to be considered the king of perma bears. they have no more credibility than perma bulls.
  2. Exactly. He reminds me of Schiff and Martin Weiss, the sky is always falling. Didn't they finally can Abey Joseph Cohen speaking of perma bulls?
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    How have his short sales since Dow 2000 done?

    What I want to know is, how does this guy pay the bills? He has been wrong as wrong can be for most of his career. He has clearly never made a dime in long-run profit from the markets - obviously, if he actually traded his own recommendations, he would be a bankrupt several times over. How come he is not standing in line for food stamps? The only explanation is that he has non-market income, or he is fleecing investors with advisory fees. Either way, it kinda ruins his credibility as a market prognosticator.
  4. F^&( Tice.

  5. His fund looks like it's doing well since 2005/2006 considering he's net short at all times (if he is, I am just assuming this). It could be a good means to lowering the overall volatility of a diversified portfolio for people that don't have access to short selling hedge funds.

    Just annoying he is talking his book so aggressively whenever he gets a chance. Why not use the "lower your volatility" sales pitch rather than the "we're about to crash 50%" one? :confused:
  6. thanks for pointing that out.

    so what.
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    That's a global income fund - totally different animal. It's his prudent bear fund that has the real performance - an average annual return of -0.22% since inception in December 1995, way below the S&P or even t-bills. You would actually have done better putting your money under the mattress. That, by any standards, is an atrocious record.

    Now consider his expense ratio, of over 2%, and it is clear how Tice makes a living - delivering horrendous sub-cash returns, and fleecing investors with an extorionate annual charge for his diabolical results. This guy needs to retire and spare his investors further suffering.

    A well managed short portfolio can be useful, but Tice clearly cannot deliver the goods. A good short seller should have done pretty well over the last decade or so, it has been the best environment for shorting since the 1970s, after all.
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