David Tice predicts S&P down 40% in 12 months

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  1. It's tough to be a bear in this market...

    Not all investors are convinced the rally will last. David Tice, who runs the $786 million Prudent Bear Fund, said stocks are poised to fall on slower U.S. economic growth and a tightening credit market. The S&P 500 may drop at least 40 percent in the next 12 months, he said.

    ``There were massive write-downs here at Citi,'' said Tice. ``We've impaired confidence in Wall Street finance.''

  2. Doubt it. Not unless the "money pump" springs a leak.
  3. gaj


    no offense, but citing tice for a bear case is like citing kudlow for a bull case.
  4. 40%, he's out of his mind. Not unless we see mushroom clouds on American soil. 930 SPX? :p
  5. Bowgett


    May be he meant to say UP 40% in the next 12 month
  6. dhpar


    he is idiot. his prudent bear fund is short all the time and sometimes in names which are simply suicidal. he calls for big sell off for years now - just increasing the percentage plunge as the time goes on (probably to bring him breakeven; lol).
    it was interesting to see his face today after such a long time - he looked pretty bad ;)
  7. From March,David Tice, Perennial Bear, Sees 50% U.S. Stock Drop

    On May 2, 2003, Tice incorrectly predicted the Dow Jones Industrial Average would sink to 4000 within the next year and a half. The 30-stock gauge closed above 9000 about a month after the forecast and reached a record 12,786.64 this year.


    Almost as amusing as seeing someone cite Hussman and his great literature in the other forum. Always an entertaining site.
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    Good analogy.

    David Tice & Peter Schiff have both fallen so far down the bear hole that they no longer have any capability of objective assessment - they only see doom & gloom - no matter the circumstances.

    Otoh, Doug Kass (another bear) frequently has some well-reasoned assessments & conclusions, that at the least, warrant some thought.

  9. f*** tice thrice.
  10. I don't need reasoned cases, logical thinking, sensible outlooks.

    I need the mf's to be right.

    If you're not right, you're a turd.
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