David Tepper bullish on stocks

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  1. "There better be a true [Fed] taper or else you might be back into the last half of 1999"


    what i find interesting during the whole 1999 S&P moved from 1220 to 1460 or 19%

    and now in 4.5 months from 1420 to 1640 or 16%

    Fed created a monster bubble. 1999 is a dwarf comparing to what we see now.
    We will definitely see what the end game iswithin 2 years
  2. S2007S


    If you had $18 billion under management and went on cnbc wouldnt you be bullish on stocks as well, Im sure just alone he is up about $10 million dollars!
  3. S2007S


    I do certainly agree that the 1999 bubble is a dwarf compared to what we are seeing today, this is not a healthy market and within a few years you will notice all this cheap money was just another creator of one of the biggest asset bubbles in history, until then there is absolutely no stopping this market, BUBBLE ben bernanke has now caused a new problem within all asset classes around the world, this is one gigantic liquidity bubble!!!!
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    As far as I know he's a long only hedge fund isn't it?

    A mean he never shorts anything