David Stockman's Prediction: Epic Downturn Is Here

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by ironchef, Nov 8, 2018.

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    He's a fucking clown.
    We should start a Go Fund Me to buy him a big red nose and a pair of those funny clown shoes.

    In 2016 he said AMZN will drop 70%

    In 2012 he said "you'd a fool to hold anything but cash"

    May 2015: On CNBC's " Futures Now " Thursday, the former OMB Director said that excessive monetary policy has forced central banks all over the world into a corner, and as a result, "the markets are going to be in for a huge, nasty morning after as people begin to look at where we really are."

    August 2015: "I think it's pretty obvious the top is in." So said David Stockman yesterday in an appearance on CNBC.
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    As Arnie points out, Stockman has been calling the top for years. I liked his book and he seems like a smart guy, but he's definitely not a trader and everything he writes/says these days is just a vanity project to keep himself entertained in retirement.

    One day though the market will go down and enter a bear market, even if only for a little while, then all these permabears will say they "called" it...
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    The August 7th video was times well. We all recall what happened during late August 2015.
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    His long-term predictions are as good as mine, that is, mostly worthless.
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    Stockman knows absolutely nothing about Economics or Markets. He was 100% wrong when he was Reagan's Budget Manager, and he's stayed 100% wrong ever since. At least he's consistent. He's a Preacher and a politician. And probably a damn good preacher (Harvard Divinity), but anytime he opens his mouth re economics, markets or finance, run for your life.
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    Kinda like Krugman.
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    Well, for what it's worth, Krugman did study Economics.
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    I read Krugman. May not agree with him but he made economics understandable for lay persons like me.
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    Then why CNBC, etc. kept asking for his opinions?
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