David Stockman, who engineered Reagan tax cuts, thinks taxes are not high enough

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  1. "Think your taxes are too high? David Stockman thinks they're not high enough. And he's a Republican who once helped engineer the largest tax cut in history. Ronald Reagan's former budget director tells Lesley Stahl why he's changed his tune on taxes."


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    So a Canadian citizen (Gabby) thinks US citizens should be paying higher taxes.

    If you feel so strongly about it gabby maybe you should start sending personal checks at regular intervals to the US treasury.

    You know, put your money where your mouth is so to speak.
  3. Try to keep up. That's what David Stockman thinks. And I'm fairly confident he's American.

  4. 377OHMS


    Some jackass canadian muttering about taxes in the USA. Like any of us care what you think up there. Have another Keystone and stfu.
  5. Lucrum and 377OHMS have spoken:

  6. 377OHMS


    Either of those two could really kick the shit out of you.
  7. A very persuasive agrument from a master debater. Even Christine O'Donnell would be impressed.
  8. 377OHMS


    Your little snarkisms betray your age. You are an old fart. An old fart that likes to hurl little snarkisms. You're a small person Gabs and you haven't much to say anymore and you are looking like a rather unclever dolt as well. Just piss off canada-boy.
  9. I watched that last night and it confirms my belief that "trickle down" is totally bogus. You can watch him at about 12:15 in this video saying that in 1985 the top 5% had a net worth of about 8 trillion dollars. Today that same top 5% have 40 trillion in net worth. So where's the trickle? There is no tricke down, and hasn't been for decades. All the money is staying at the top, all on the backs of the working class. Wages for working class over the same period have been flat at best, down when you consider lost benefits. Nothing is being put back in to the overall economy. This is why we're in the state we're in, and we'll continue to become a nation that get's more and more poor with every passing decade. It's how that top 5% wants it. An entire world of working poor.
  10. Whereas your commentary betrays your immaturity and vacuity.
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