David Stern, Panzy

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ZZZzzzzzzz, May 16, 2007.

  1. Just read this on ESPN:

    Speaking specifically about the Horry-Nash incident, Suns owner Robert Sarver told reporters in Phoenix on Tuesday night: "The way this worked out for us, it was, I believe, extremely unfair. . . . The team that plays dirty should not be rewarded and the team that plays fair should not be penalized."

    Sarver added that the "first thing on my agenda" for next season will be making a push at ownership level to have the leave-the-bench rule re-examined. Sarver also said that NBA commissioner David Stern has canceled a schedule appearance in Phoenix for Wednesday night's Game 5.


    What a wuss. If you make a decision that impacts a game and series like this, have the balls to show up and take the booing by the crowd...and while Stu Jackson made the announcement, if Stern said not to suspend these players, Jackson would have to do what he said. Jackson is Stern's bitch.
  2. Stern is a wimp and Stu Jackson is the dumbest guy in basketball. Just ask anyone in Vancouver, they'll tell you all about it.
  3. I think Stern needs to fine the Sun's owner and its coach. They should be taking responsibility for their players' clear violation of the rule, not trying to undercut Stern. The Suns have whined this entire series, so I'm not surprised that the owner joins in. I've lost a lot of respect for this team. If they think the Spurs, one of the classiest teams in the league, are dirty, they would wet their pants if they had to play the Bad Boys or some of the notorious enforcers from the past. If they think Robert Horry, a soft player his entire career, delivered a hard foul on Nash, what would they do if Charles Oakley hit him? It's time for the Suns to shut up and be men.