David Sokol resigns from Bershire

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  1. Really weird. He is undoubtedly a multi-millionaire many times over. He is possibly in line to be CEO of a major corporation. Why throw it away like this? The only logic, if indeed there is any, is that something more is wrong and he had reason to cash out like this rather than stick around. It seems like a major betrayal of Buffett. What could motivate that?

  2. The guy bought 100k LZ shares a few weeks before recommending that BRK should take them out? BRK has it's problems, not the least of which is their reluctance to take write-downs, but I would take it at face-value.
  3. Yea, perhaps he wanted to leave and wanted a bit few million more walking money? Yet he must have been aware how this would look...
  4. Has Charlie Munger come out and tell the public to just suck it up??


    Buffett’s Bailouts

    He learned from the master on how to profit; but he lacks the folksy image and the whimsical remarks. If you're gonna succeed a bullshit artist, you have to have some sort of likeable cover or front to hide the nonsense.
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    Buffet is useless to me.

    Why would I buy or invest his BKR shares? Going forward his fund returns are mediocre in the last decade or same as the rest of the market or same as his competition.

    He is one man mutual fund like Fidelity funds or other mutual funds in the industry that sell the 'brand' of the fund. It is said his self-promotion 25% premium to the BKR shares. And if he passes away, then his hedge fund is closed and liquidated. The BKR brand is a one man brand. Buffet is like Ronald McDoald to promote his BKR hedge fund.

    Who cares about Warren Buffet.

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    Livevol Ophir is contributing to the article.I liked his options analysis on ET:)
  7. If you really want to make big money via stock markets, learn how to do insider trading aka research, without getting prosecuted. Everything else is hogwash.
  8. Good for Sokol. He got his exit bonus upfront. BRK is just a tasty carcass. Zero value except for the meat inside.
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    Maybe he thinks being a CEO of a major corporation isn't worth it. Far more to life than money and power........
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    Incorrect. Berkshire Hathaway outperformed the SP500 by 75% over the last 10 years. Hardly "same as the rest of the market".
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