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    David has mentioned this in the past here, and this Thursday he will be doing another "Live" trading session and we would like to invite the member's of Elite Trader to join us.

    Join Terra Nova as we welcome New York Times Best Selling Author and MarketWise President - David S. Nassar trade "Live" this Thursday morning. David will be describing the market conditions and his rationale while he executes real trades using RealTick®. The demonstration will take place over the Internet using a state-of-the-art software application. It will seem like you are looking over David’s shoulder while he trades. It is only viewable over a DSL/cable connection or better. Register at http://www.terranovaonline.com/TNO_Edu/NassWebReg.asp. For more information call us at 1.866.996.8566


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    I just felt bad for Mr. Nassar- considering he is such a well known successful trader and all-that no one even acknowledged this thread/message! I mean why do others like Tony Oz and Don Bright, etc. get so much attention and Mr. Nassar is seemingly ignored as a source for trading knowledge and expertise? I for one will be logged on to the live trading session tomorrow. Just curious what others felt.


    A fan
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    I've seen David trade twice and have been to his MarketWise school, both are worth your time. He is very down to earth for a guy that makes and trades big money.
  4. First posts? ahaha
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    Man, what a tough crowd we have here on EliteTrader, it's "surprising" that so many intelligent people prefer NOT to post with the responses like this...
  6. I personally don't like to register for stuff whenever I can avoid it. I'd like to know if by registering I'm going to receive a bunch of junk phone calls or have the Avon lady knocking on my door. :)

    Also, I didn't see it but what products will David Nassar be trading (stocks, bonds, stock indexes, options, etc.) so I can see if it will be of interest to me.

    (hmm looks like I already missed it)
  7. I tried signing up for the 'Live' session a while ago but didn't want to give out my tel. number (for obvious reasons). I was prepared to give my name, email etc..but that wasn't enough. They insisted on my telephone number before allowing me to sit in on the session.
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    I suppose, but there's understandable suspicion when two people, both making their very first posts, go on to say what a great teacher someone is, or what a great website they just "discovered", or what a great trading business someone is running, or what a great chatroom, or....etc.

    Just so happens I sat in on one of David's live trading sessions and enjoyed it. Lasts about a half-hour, the webcast worked well, and it was interesting to watch someone continually scale in and out of AMGN, trading quite decent size. I'd recommend it if for no other reason than it's free.

    P.S. Macal425, they need your phone number because otherwise they can't establish the sound portion of the webcast link (immediately before the live session you are called, you put yourself on speaker-phone, and that's how you hear David talking). And, yes, they will call you once or twice after that to see if you want to enroll in one of their seminars. But it was no heavy pressure, and they were quite friendly.
  9. Thanks for the explanation Magna.

    Perhaps if they had explained that to me, I may have sat in on the session as I think it would have been interesting and perhaps educational.
  10. Every time I see or hear about another master offering his piece of cheese to the newbies I get disgusted and depressed. Let me say this once and then after that I'll keep my mouth shut.

    All guru information is 100% useless because if it is old or well known information then you can get it from a book or figure it out yourself. If it is new or proprietary information then it's not worth jack because if it were he would not be selling it for $49.95 or $299 or whatever his subscription cost is that is less than half the profit on a single small trade.

    Take away the useless and/or recycled information and what do you have left: motivational speaking and how to tutorials. You can do it, I know you can! And when you are ready to do it, here is how you pick a broker, here is how you plug in your monitor....

    It's basically a combination of Tony Robbins, Joe Isuzu and that bearded guy on public access who shows you how to make a table.

    If you actually want to learn how to trade, stop with the circle jerks. Get in there, take some hits, figure it out over time or quit. Enough with the gurus already.
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