David Kuang, Prop trader info?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by running_bare, Mar 8, 2003.

  1. Carried out a search on ET but couldn't find anything.

    Anyone got any info on him: current job, trading methods/style, position size, time horizons etc.

    He's been interviewed and featured in a few trading books, just general stuff. Apparently he's earned > $1M pa for a few years since c1999 (can't remember but read somewhere that he outearned Tiger Woods in the 1st 6 mths of 2001..)

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    Are you talking about a guy in Southern California? I've heard about him from a trader. Isn't he the guy that makes a million a month at a prop?

    I don't know what he's doing now since the guy I knew wiped out and never went back to trading.

    Ask Tradingmarkets.com . They might have an answer for you!

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    David Kuang is a featured trader in two books: The Best: TradingMarkets.com Conversations with Top Traders, and The New Electronic Traders: Understanding What It Takes to Make the Jump to Electronic Trading.

    David is most well known as the trader who "out-earning Tiger Woods in the first six months of 2000." During this time, David netted over $6 million while trading his personal account.

    Unlike many other traders that either washed out or burned out after the tech bubble, David is still trading, and still highly successful.

    David is a very selective and patient trader who only trades the best opportunities. His strategy primarily involves playing reversals, where he specifically looks for what he calls "unsustainable price movements." He uses proprietary software with algorithms that he developed to search the entire market for various opportunities.

    Unlike many interviews, the interview with David in The Best is very detailed with regard to his strategies and style. For people interested in his techniques, I would definately recommend this book.

    Please note that I have no affiliation with TradingMarkets.com or either of the books mentioned above.
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    I'm reading trading markets and hoping for an update.