David Goldman Sees U.S. as `Banana Republic': Must Watch Video

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  1. "Zombie banks, toxic loans, reliance on government and democrats to make money makes this "worse than Great Depression."

    Must "play ball with Democrats" as Republicans
    are impotent, is you want to make money - this means a interweaving, completely, of political power and finance/commerce.

    "Banks have gone way too far and will suffer, ultimately, as a result."

    "The recession has everything going for it but customers; there's no one out there to buy things or invest in things [CFC is exhausted]."

    "There is a bottomless demand for savings from baby boomers. Most people in this age have no savings as they retire. They thought they had savings in homes; that's wiped out. Their 401(k)s are back a bit, but still way down. Americans are going to have to save every penny they can. Hiring is still negative."
  2. .................................................................

    And there is nothing that will change it....nothing....

    Nothing that the current politicos have in mind.....

    Correct that....

    Change it...yeah....

    For the worse....

    Time to press the reset button....
  4. Logic


    See now, when you said "Goldman", I thought "Goldman Sachs". It's actually some guy named David Goldman.
  5. Right, which immediately bolsters his credibility by at least 300%, even if he were a petty criminal (which he's not).
  6. Clearly the OP was counting on that to get you to click the thread and the link. I've made the title of the thread more descriptive.
  7. Why?
    Does he get more points if you click on the thread?

    Why not say "Megan Fox blows elephant - Goldman sees US as Banana Republic"
  8. Government CAN do something.

    It can lower taxes to encourage investment and hiring.

    But how does that help the politicians?

    No, the best thing for politicians is to use this crisis to grow government through "stimulus".

    If government were to cut taxes and hold down its own spending, then individuals would immediately have more money to spend and invest as they see fit.

    If politicians can tax away wealth and direct the spending to people to their political cronies, then the politician benefits.

    So what if it's at the expense of the country? Didn't the Soviet <i>nomenklatura</i> live high on the hog as the country crumbled around them for 70 years? Of course they did. And if they can placate their political supporters just enough, they don't even have to worry about the voters.

    Let's face it, so many of our "representatives" are so entrenched now they don't have to give a crap about voters.
  9. No, he doesn't. But perhaps he feels that he does.
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