David floyd's trading book

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by kserra, Aug 27, 2003.

  1. kserra


    How i achieved triple digits returns

    Has anyone had any experiences with this book ? Good or bad ?
  2. I have. Useless.

    I dont think Floyd trades this method anymore.. atleast thats what he is saying on tradingmarkets.com

  3. Sharp


    Don't pay 50 bucks for the book. I got one for 6 and read it in one sitting. (This book could be 40 pages but most pages only have a few lines with lost of pics) It just has the same old stuff in it. I think that his trading ideas may still be valid, but what do I know.
  4. NX100


    however, it was worth the $6 i paid for it. as in previous posts, this book could've been written in 40 pages or less.

    some good info for people just starting out.
  5. balda


    trade in direction of 20 simple MA on 1 min time frame with 15,3,3 stochastics crossing in directing of 20 SMA and break out of futures you send limit order on NY 5-10 cents above (or below) bid ask just to get in and usually you will be first in line and will get price improvement. as soon as you notice slow down get out on market.

    I think you need to have big intraday swings (range) to use it.
    but I could be wrong.

    So I'd rather use Super Ego system and it still work a year later.
    thanks SE:D
  6. shooter86


    I have not read his book, but I signed up for a 30 day free trial to his Daytrading service. His service left a lot to be desired, very little professionalism, some days no trades, all in all something I would not recommend.
  7. fan27


    i bought the book for $6 and found it usefull. I have adapted parts of his method to help me trade SPY. Essentially, it has you buying retracements in a trending market (listed stocks) with the S&P as the trigger.