David Floyd's "KTN" numbers?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by version77, Dec 1, 2002.

  1. Okay, we all know David's FN numbers are for S/R.

    But what pray tell are his KTN numbers all about? :confused:
  2. Perhaps KTN numbers allude to S/R levels on the futures...
    And that would make FN numbers for stocks...

    Jeez, I am answering my own questions... :p
  3. Does anyone use them? Has anyone ever tried to determine if there is any relationship between all the supposedly key numbers their writers spout off about everyday? And can anyone understand what Haggerty is talking about? I know one thing, since every day Haggerty seems to feel that yesterday's trades were just so dead obvious, he must be the richest guy on the planet.

    I will refrain from commenting on Floyd since he devoted an entire column to excoriating me for my previous mild criticism. At least he had something to write about that day.
  4. the KTN is a marketing ploy "Floyd Numbers", they are just S/R and fib levels.

    Nothing mystical or esoteric about them.
  5. AAA...Re Haggerty

    Thanks for pointing that out... I used to feel like a moron because I didn't see the 1-2-3 setup off the .78 FIB RT from the 1987 low to the March 2000 high, which coincided with the 2.0 STDV on the SPX off the monthly chart going back to 1934...etc etc..LOL

    I don't really read him much anymore, but glad I'm not the only one who found him confounding!

    Take care
  6. I just hope nobody is paying $150 a month for these numbers
    that Floyd dreams up... He is supposed to be a pullback trader
    isn't he? But if price hits one of these magical numbers then it is
    alright to take a bounce off a massive meltdown. How nice...
  7. Try to plot his TKN numbers on a handful of the stocks him mentions. The ones that seem to hit some S/R level are guaranteed to featured in his next column. Go figure :)