David Faber's "House of Cards"

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    I think this 2-hour special produced by CNBC's David Faber has been on TV for a bit, but I just got to watch it for the first time on Friday night.

    Wow !! What a fantastic expose (soup to nuts) of how we got into this entire mess. I am not a big CNBC fan at all, but I must say that it was a Fantastic show. Well produced, well narrated, and extremely informative.

    I thought I understood everything revolving around the credit crisis, yet I found this show to be extremely revealing. I encourage everyone to check it out.
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    FYI, the show is going to be replaced on CNBC on Sunday, April 26th 8PM ET.
  3. Do you mean replayed?
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    Ooops....sorry, yes, I meant "replayed", not "replaced".....

    My fingers were flying on the keyboard too fast....

    Happy Holidays to All !
  5. People rip on David Faber quite a bit, but I think he does a relatively thorough job (everything is relative at CNBC), and that 'House of Cards' was probably the best and most informative special that the sad network that is CNBC ever produced, and the the interviews Faber did in it were excellent.
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    Exactly, a bit more Faber, a lot less Cramer, and CNBC could be watchable again.
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    one single act created the house of cards.

    bush made it legal for banks to lend money without verifying income.
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    Indeed - surprisingly good program from the Clownish Network of Business Cheerleading.

    The last special program I thought they did was rather good was their retrospective of the '87 crash. Not thrilled with Maria Bartiromono, but it was a pretty decent program.
  9. Is your user name "Hayman" after Kyle Bass's hedge fund that was featured in the show?:p
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    LOL, no. No relation. It is my real last name. Please don't tell anyone. :)
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