david cameron..

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  1. the new british PM... strong on defence
  2. Unfortunately, he's a proponent of the financial transactions tax (i.e., Tobin tax) that would put me and a lot of other people out of business.
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    You mean David Camelion. The new 20% primeminister of the 20% goverment. Strong on lies, deception and weasel words. His role is to put on the great bread and circus show while the remaining 20% of sovereignty is quietly sucked away to be lost forever to the unelected gulag EUSSR commision in brussels.
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    EUSSR is gonna be the new buzzword.
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    David Cameron is nothing more than an imperialist neo-con like the majority of Republicans in America, don't buy into his bullshit conservative label.
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    The U.S.A has become the USSA (United Socialist States of America) ... we are all comrades now.
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    Last year the US government spending was 25% of the GDP while in the UK it was 51% of the GDP. To put it in prospective, for every dollar people and businesses spend the US goverment spends 0.33 dollars; for every pound people and businesses spend the UK government spends 1.04 pounds.
  8. not yet Gordon is still PM
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    Fair enough.

    `David Cameron's hopes of forming a coalition with the Liberal Democrats were dramatically undermined last night by the leaking of a top-secret letter outlining the hardline Eurosceptic stance he and William Hague planned to adopt in government.

    The document, obtained by the Observer, is headed "draft letter from Foreign Secretary to Prime Minister" and was written last week. It assumed an outright Tory victory and spelt out how Hague intended to adopt a tough approach to Europe at a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Brussels tomorrow.'

  10. No, he is not.
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