David Cameron is a weak leader...

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by THECOLONEL, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. Bring back
  2. Maggie Thather and Ronald Reagan- the true "Special relationship"
  3. Ash1972


    Not only weak, but not even a real conservative. Everything went wrong IMO from the point that David Davis failed to become leader. That was the starting point for ending up with a coalition rather than outright victory.

    He's more interested in keeping the libs happy than most of his own (real conservative) MPS. The fact we're in government with a bunch of half baked commie flakes is really a tragedy.
  4. well it was revealed on liveleaks- that obama considered him weak- justin assange- whats happened to him?
  5. Julian Assange- that story has all gone quiet- very strange if u ask me
  6. benwm


    I'm don't think Cameron is weak, I would say he's a strong leader in many respects - just he's out of touch with ordinary folk and lacking judgement, also trying to juggle many balls keeping everyone in a coaltion happy.

    My main problem with Cameron is that he's never had to live in the real world - earning an income, paying taxes like the rest of us - and it shows in the political choices he makes. That's why he's not passionate about low taxes and the merits of reaping what you sow through hard work and persistence. These are what I consider to be central values to Thatcher and Reagan and others on the right.

    David Davis would have possibly been better. Actually I wrote a letter to Davis before they hiked tuition fees (I was opposed to £9,000 tuition fees). He replied to my letter which was really cool :) ,but he seemed to support the moves :( , which surprised and slightly disappointed me...

    But for me - it's a choice between two evils, and the conservatives are the least worst option compared to Labour right now. At the very least, they oppose a financial transaction tax.

    Ed Miliband would be worse than Cameron. His brother David though might have given Cameron a run for his money.

    I can't see the Conservative party losing next time round, but if they do, so be it, I'll hardly shed a tear..