david blaine---magic ??

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  1. anyone know anything about this guy ? saw a special on him last night , he appears to do some amazing tricks. the levitation one was interesting--is this trick photography or illusion ? any thoughts ??


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    i can do the levetation trick myself... however not as good.. there are many tricks he does that have been revealed... however he is the only entertainer in the world worth seeing... forget about copperfield, sigfried all those mofos... david blaine is the ish!!!
  3. how is the levitation trick done? i agree with you, he is one of the all time top entertainers.


  4. Hell, if you are into illusion, just listen to Don Bright:

    <b>"Don Bright (Mar 13, 2003 5:16:27 PM)
    Our stats have been posted, but it's roughly like this.....about half make it through the first year (vs. 10% of overall business ventures, not bad), and we have about 70 percent successful in year 2, 80% year 3, etc. We have our original traders from 10 years ago...."</b>
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    It is done thru angles....he will never perform that trick straight on...at an angle he then raises his body with one foot while making the other foot seem as it has levitated from the ground( leaving it straight ) and also covering the foot that is actually levitating the body...........:confused:

  6. interesting. i could swear both feet are off the ground. its a good trick.

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    About the levitation illusion:

    A good part of the theatrics was that the over-the-shoulder shots from the spectators' view of Blaine rising off the ground by several feet was filmed with an explanation to the onlookers that this was a demonstration of how *other* magicians perform a levitation act, that is, suspended with wires. A crane was used to lift him in those shots. This was edited into the show to make it seem he really lifted off that high. What they also didn't show was the reaction from the small groups they did the illusion in front of that noticed how it was done. This illusion can only be performed in front of a small group, clustered together, at a certain angle to the back and offside of the illusionist. The magician keeps his feet together, standing at a slight angle away from the crowd so that they only see one foot clearly, the other foot they only see the heel. The magician raises his body, lifting the visible foot straight up by raising his leg, the other foot he raises in lockstep but only raising the heel, pushing off with his toes. Hold in the uplift position for a second, then come crashing down as if you couldn't stay levitated any longer... and before you're outed. If this is not done exactly so otherwise, someone may spot the toes still on the ground. If you're going to do this, practice first in front of a mirror until you've got it just right.

    Blaine's "magic" is not only about performing classic feats, but in fooling the TV audience as well... all's fair in creating an illusion. Don't get me wrong, I think he's brilliant in what he does. He has a great flair for making the obvious seem mysterious.
  8. sort of like a younger alan greenspan, minus the comb-over and hunchback...

  9. thanks for the link, gms.

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