Dave, will I dream?

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    "After Deep Blue: IBM's Watson defeats Jeopardy champs
    22.02.2011 – In 1997 Deep Blue defeated the world chess champion Garry Kasparov in a six-game match. It was considered a stunning achievement and a significant step forward in the field of artificial intelligence. Fourteen years later another IBM computer that is about 100 times faster than Deep Blue beat the best humans in an exhibition game of Jeopardy – and received world-wide attention."

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    Great movie Nitro.
  3. Still doesnt hold a candle to a human brain. Sure its fast,but its also the size of 10 refrigerators and weighs 1,000s of pounds. A human brain weighs 3 pounds and is 1200 CCs.

    Now...build a computer that is small, weighs 3 pounds and can do what watson does and I'll be impressed.
  4. Some say buzzer speed was the key to success and an unfair advantage for Watson.

    Cool project, despite my fears of robot overlords.