Daughter sues dad over College tuition

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  1. ha. Like we need more shallow finance retards or econ majors. No liberal arts major destroyed the US
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    That is disgusting. F*ck that chick. She would be dead to me if I were her father.
  3. did you read the article? He agreed and signed a contract that he would pay. He went back on his word, and it bit him in the ass. He should have saw it coming. He was a dead beat dad to begin with..obviously..what kind of family has to get their father to sign a contract in order to help pay for his daughters education?
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    Why is he obligated to pay for her tuition? This is classic, everywhere else in the world the kids take care of their parents/elders. In the U.S the kids bring them to court.
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    Suing your father over college tuition, is even slimier than a father making a promise and not being able to live up to it.

    I've seen this before.......

    This developer was probably making far bigger money at the time of the divorce.....

    Then the wife takes a huge chunk out of his ass in the divorce settlement, after he capitulates in order to end the legal battle.....

    Then his stuck up little kid, who he has never said "no" to harps on him until he gives in and signs a contract regarding college....

    His business takes a turn and he's now supporting himself, his new gf, his ex wife and the kids. His income isn't covering all of the expenses.....

    In short, this guy isn't perfect, but all we've heard is one side of the story.

    He paid for her education through her JUNIOR YEAR. Why the hell couldn't she get a job and pick up the rest? That's more than most kids will get from their parents.
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    This situation is no different than any other breach of contract.

    Unfortunately, this thread's title will incite countless sanctimonious rants from individuals who chose "real majors" and supposedly never once received a handout, charity, or assistance of any kind.


    Who cares? A contract is a contract. I've offered partial college tuition to two 5th grade girls I've tutored/mentored the past 3 years. They have 7 years until college. I could make a ton of $$ trading or lose a lot. But --- I made a commitment, which I will keep. It's a contract -- they maintain a certain GPA and I give them $$$$.
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    no wonder americans rather "Will" their $$$$ to their pets-doggie & piggie than giving $ to their children when they die. :D my american friends told me, they rather feed a dog or a pig.:p
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    i donate $$$ to orphanage and sponsor some orphans to school. None of them make me sign any contract.:D (maybe because we are asians):D
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