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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Htrader, Aug 23, 2001.

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    Has anyone tried out the new datek order entry prototype? I've found it to be quite fast and I wonder how other opinions are. I think its real advantage is in entering trades for different securities because it integrates the ticker into the order module.

  2. If you want really fast order entry using Datek, you really have to write your own (I did it with the help of a very good VB programmer). There are begining guide line for such a system in Yahoo's Qchart user group. My system automatically send, cancel and return confirmations in a matter of a few seconds (one or two).
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    i know nothing about programming, nor do i really want to learn. can somebody tell me how reasonable it would be for me (smart guy, took a pascal course in college) to pick up a vbasic book and write an order entry program with hotkeys for an internet broker, such as datek?

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    i gave up on Datek a few months ago around the time they went "direct". I don't know if they have improved the interface since then, but i have to say that Datek order entry interface was about the worst imaginable...

    but there are excellent 3rd party order-entry programs for Datek -

    the one I have first hand experience with is daSlinger...

    EXCELLENT!!! fast, streamlined, stable, functional, good support (buy once- upgrades free, personal email replies, etc)...

    i don't know if my info is still current (it probably is though): when i quit datek there existed two versions of daSlinger, one for datek standard order entry ($35) and another version for 'Datek Direct' - the latter version was not advertised but if you ask (Wayne Durden) for it you can probably get it (i demo'd it but decided to move to IB)

    no one has to write an interface for Datek (unless, like Buttermilk, they want to!)'s already been done
  5. I use to used daSlinger and it's excellent product for manual order input. However, it was not adequate for my style of trading. My systems are automated and require the orders to be filled and confirmation returned in a very few seconds quickly switching servers when needed. (I also monitor server response time)
  6. I recently met a guy at my trading club who is a VB contractor. He seem to know a lot about trading and trading software including Qfeed. If anyone is interested, send me an e-mail I will get his e-mail address at the next club meeting. I have no idea what his fees would be
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    I have used this new Datek feature and I think it's a great feature for a non-Direct access broker. It's intuitive, fast, and easy to use. I would never want to go to the hassle to try and figure out some "workaround" VB code to do it for me. Here's how the rapid protype works:

    Type B for buy and S for Sell
    Type # of shares to buy or sell
    Type Symbol
    Enter limit or activation if desired.

    For instance, say I want to buy 100 Ciena at the market:

    I want to perform a stop market sell order on Ciena at 15
    S100CIEN act15g
    (the act means activate and the g means Good-Til-Cancelled). There are other ways to make it effective for after-hours too.

    This is how I normally do it. I enter my buy order at the Market, and then set a stop market sell order immediately after I own the stock. This way I can limit my downside risk.

    Hope this helps, even though I see the post is a little old.

  8. I used QuoteTracker's trading interface for Datek
    QT works also with Datek direct ECN access.

    This interface was very fast. You get a nice RT-quote backup system with QT too, using Dateks streamer quotes, Datek Level II and or Archipelago L 2. Much better charting than Dateks own streamer software.

    Orderentry from quoteline possible in QT. Worthwhile to check out for every Datek-Trader.

    QT is either for free ( adware version ) or for 60 USD one time fee to get rid of the ad-windows. It's the same software as Prophetfinance Station ( but with more features )
    QT's Customerservice is unbeatable, especially when you consider the product is for free.

    If you want to trade with Datek, I think QT is the way to go.