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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by richk, Oct 2, 2003.

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    is anybody more familiar and know if Ameritrade (former Datek) is thinking about using some software placed on trader pc for placing trades - managing trades? I am asking because Web based placing of orders (even throught MedvedQT) is really pain. I learned a lot of time ago, that AMTD acquired some Direct Access broker company, so why they are not use some software (like Cyber, MBTrading and so ...) ?

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  2. check this link out...

    They offer a little software interface that will work with Datek or Ameritrade that takes the pain away.

    They also offer another littke gem that specifically links with Datek/Ameritrade that makes tax time a breeze. It finds all your trades for the year on the Datek/Ameritrade server, organizes the buying and selling of each trade and equity, and lets you print them out ready for your accountant. It did in 5 minutes what used to take me several days.
  3. Use Medved's Quote Tracker

    it's free and it seems that this is exactly what you are looking for as far as an order execution platform goes.
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    I have switched to Mevdev qoutetracker 3.3.0 The newest version with intergrated trading with datek/ameritrade acounts. I give it two thumbs up for speed, ease of use, placing orders ect.. If you use Datek/ ameritrade you can also active back fill for the charts allowing you to look at new symbols with full intraday charts too!!

    I was a little nervious using it he first few trades but now I use it everyday and find it great!

    If you havent tried the new version then give it a try. im sure you will like it. Its a great money saver!!