date of issuance of series..

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  1. where do i find the date of issuance of a series for a particular stock.. they are .. i know the typical weeklies come out.. but if a series is listed for the next two expiries apr/may... then skips to aug.. whens jun get issued? where do i find that info?
  2. this is what i got from emailing .. i got a response this morning.. quickness.

    Thanks for the inquiry.
    Most options trade on one of three “cycles” – Jan, Feb, March cycles (or cycles 1,2 and 3 respectively) – and will offer the two “front months” (currently April and May) and two from one of the three cycles. SPLK trades on cycle 2 – you can tell as the next month after the front months is August. As such, when June becomes a front month, you’ll see it added. This will occur after the April expiration. So I suspect you’ll see the June expiration added after the April expiration or about April 22.