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    What are currently the recommended datafeed for learning and experimenting
    I am interested is forex and US Stock Market

    Obviously since this is for learning, I am looking for something very cheap (free if there is any) or at most 20/30 dollars per month

    I don't want UI platforms or front ends, just the data feed and want to be able to read it programmatically

    Polygon seem highly advertised here, but they cost 200 dollars per month (do they have cheaper learning accounts, maybe smaller data pool or even higher latency, sine I am learning, I don't care about latency at all)

    What do you recommend?
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    Isn't Yahoo Finance free?
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    Yahoo, Quandl, maybe barchart, Tingo.
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    El Trado

    You can get free tick-by-tick As well as historic back to early 2000s from Oanda for fx, commodities and certain indexes. It is for their Cfd, but it is relatively close to the spot prices, so for building models it should work fine
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  6. Try perhaps? They have a free subscription plan although it is pretty limited but enough for just learning/experimenting purposes. Or you can also try renting on Quantgo, they carry a variety of datasets sourced from institutional vendors like
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  8. shfly

    shfly, has a free option (2 weeks I believe), $25/month after that. Need a feed with it, use Webull (Datafeeda & Brokers), no credit card is necessary with Webull, just an email/password.

    As you can see on that page, Yahoo can also be used.

    Hope this helps.