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  1. Viper101


    Hi Guys,

    I'm ready to start trading live with my own capital and would like some suggestion on data feeds.

    My setup will be

    Broker: Interactive Brokers

    I want a cheap broker with minimum fees and good execution. Have dealt with them before and their fees are pretty good.

    Software: QuoteTracker. I don't like how the chart lags even on a 0.1 sec chart refresh rate. The times and sales are instant though. NinjaTrader refresh rates are instant also but I doubt I can place orders on the platform without buying the license.

    DataFeed: Still deciding.

    The data feed from interactive brokers is snapshots and not streaming. Not acceptable. I need a datafeed like those in platforms like Lightspeed / Sterling / Instaquote.

    I only want to trade NYSE stocks.

    I want market depth (nasdaq level II equivlant) on NYSE.

    Can anyone recommend a cheap, reliable, accurate, streaming datafeed?
  2. thstart


    You don't get a data feed from IB? It is not wise to use a different data feed than your broker's.
  3. Viper101


    I thought about this and wondered if there's been negative experiences with this setup? I need a good datafeed so I can accurately judge intraday movements. IB datafeed is very unreliable and not tick by tick based.

  4. That's kind of an odd thing to say considering that IB's TWS can be set to use the Esignal feed rather than IB's feed.

    You don't have to use your broker's feed. If all you need is a feed, I like IQFeed from DTN.

    Esignal is OK too, but is more expensive.

    You may find IB's feed meets your needs as well.
  5. thstart


    So when you place your orders you will wonder why the difference. Good luck with this.
  6. I use amibroker/IQFeed/IB. I did careful comparison when I selected IQ. I have no complains for using in more than 6 months.
  7. IQfeed is the best
  8. i use my quotetracker and td ameritrade for my feed. I use ib for executions.

    With td just open an account and u get free streaming quotes without any maintenece fees.

    also i found out that when u use quotetracker and ib the volume is a bit off.
  9. thstart


    You will have differences when using a data from different sources this is a common sense. Still not clear why you would use a data from one source and place orders using an other.
  10. Viper101


    Are they snapshot or real streaming?
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