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  1. Not sure if this is where this post should go but here goes.

    I follow a lot of stocks fundamentally as well as technically just to get a broad picture of whats going on in a sector, in the industry and in the market. I have amassed a giant binder of one or two page breakdowns of stocks and my historical view on them what has changed and such. Frankly its becoming too much of a hassle to search through the binder to find one thing about one stock. I am no Jim Cramer when it comes to committing most of this stuff to memory, so I was thinking of making a computer journal/database that I can enter my info into where it will be stored for me to access by stock name or maybe other search fields. I know nothing about databases and feel like what I am thinking of is a little more complex (maybe just different) than what you can do in excel.

    Does anyone have any ideas, any software that they may use for something like this or just any type of input on how to realize this "fantasy"
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    I use MySQL for option data -- can't complain.
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    simple, gmail yourself one stock at a time. By the time you finish, you get youself an email database that is searchable.
    ps. test it by gmail me some of your top picks. :D
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    Microsoft Excel is a pretty amazing tool once you spend some time with it. MS Access is a proper db tool, but a lot more involved to learn how to use.
  5. I agree... MS Access is a very nice tool for small business db work...

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    I find Microsoft OneNote useful for keeping a trading journal.