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  1. I currently use Esignal as my data provider but am not really happy with missing data, bad quotes etc. What is the opinion of those who use DTN and have tried Esignal as well? This may be just an unusual occurrence with Esignal and they will get it squared away. Thank you.

  2. Who on here uses DTN and was using Esignal?

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    in general, esig better than dtn even considering price.
  4. I have to disagree, I used eSignal from when they were simply known as Interactive Data and one had to have a dedicated phone line to receive the transmission. Over time the company lost their focus and tried to become the be-all end-all of data and analytical software providers. As they branched out into sundry product lines the quality of the data suffered. As far as I'm concerned the last good version of eSignal was version 1.7.

    I migrated to DTN.IQ 8 years ago and couldn't be happier. I have not had a single complaint for the data service they provide.
    The data is fast and reliable and when delivered over the FIOS network it is a powerful trading tool.

    The only issue I've ever had with DTN.IQ was a billing issue that was quickly resolved by a very courteous representative of the company.

    As for pricing, compare for yourself:

    For me DTN.IQ is the superior provider.

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    DTN is pretty solid in my experience with it. And why is this posted in Trading, there's gotta be a better forum for it.....
  6. Thank you for your help. Esignal has data missing on some CDN stocks and for some as much as an hour or more. This is why I am considering DTN, however, I don't want to jump from the frying pan into the fire.
    My apologies for posting this here as it seemed to be the best spot because of the traders in this forum. Thank you again.

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    yes, I've been w/ both for just as long. i seem to remember some type of fm reciever for IDS from way back.

    They are very comprable services for the upper end retail, beginning pro trtader. Both will lag whe vol spikes. both will have outages where you need to have an IB / MBT / etc feed to fall back on. Pricing may tilt toward dtn, but recent reliability favors esignal. DTN has higher symbol limits if I rember correctly, so check into that if you run 500+ symbols. deciding factor for me is esig has very easy support for user defined spreads- both good,
    so only your specific need can deteterminw which is best

    both good, next level up is cQG or reuters or bloomberg ranging from 500-1500 / month.

    edit: just saw reference to FIOS2. tHAT SHIT stALSS.