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  1. inspired by the microsecond ohlc thread... let's hear em! generally, solutions for custom plotting of charts, graphs, etc. likes dislikes, etc.

    if you could specify language with your rec, that would be great. i'm c/c++ based and have played around with dundas ( and and have read the specs on teecharts ( currently looking for other options/ideas.
  2. Hi propseeker,

    I spend also some time to search and evaluate some charting packages. At last I developed all charting my own – also if it mean to reinvent the wheel. In the end it is not that difficult and it has not taken so much time as I expected, although I also use C++. Another problem with 3rd party libraries is the licensing. If you develop for your own only that is not a problem, but if you want to distribute you software you have check if that is also covered or if you have to pay for each license separate?

  3. I don't consider OHLC converters and charting technology that gives anyone a real edge, so I don't understand why people don't share them. We're all constantly rolling our own with these things.

    I ended up writing a Python script to get a hackish implementation going. I am probably going to clean it up this weekend.
  4. yea, i don't consider them a real edge either. but, i think if you take the time to write a good one... well, then why share?

    funny, i've used the basic python charting for hacking things together as well. but it's VERY basic.
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    i use python and matplotlib for all my visualizations and am quite happy with it .
  6. If I weren't developing such thing on someone else's dime, I'd give them away.
  7. In terms of .NET, Dundas has the best charting package.
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    I write my own charts in java, very flexible and I enjoy programming them. First I used a framework, JfreeChart, but it cost me more time to make that do what I want than to write everything myself on a bare canvas.
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    This has been my experience in C# as well.
  10. maybe this is a better thread to ask.

    What is the best open source IDE to debug Python in? I am used to eclipse for most, but is the python interface (pydev/eclipse) the best for debug?

    i.e. what IDE are most of you using to debug python in? I've been meaning to learn python as it seems a lot easier/faster to put simple scenarios together than some other languages.
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