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    As surprising as this sounds, I've been with for almost a year and a half now. Suprising because of all the problems they've had.

    I use Dynastore ( to feed both Tradestation and Metastock. I think that those users didn't have any of the problems that QCharts users were having because historical data is stored on your hard drive rather than being retrieve with each symbol from their servers.

    I also use my ELocal JTrader for quotes on the NQ and ES as backup. (Obviously, no charting). And I did the same with TWS from Interactive Brokers when I was trading through them.
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    I'm not sure if you are talking about the e-minis.Try Streaming charts and data for
    $70 month. one week free trial.(no I don't work for them)
    They have a momentum indicator for $30 extra per month.
    Not sure what it does.
  3. I've used eSignal for the indices for over a year now, and find their feed to be outstanding in terms of accuracy, reliability and speed of transmission. In all that time, I've had just one minor problem on one symbol that was fixed within 5 minutes. One bad tick, a few missing trades or even a few seconds lag can spell disaster in futures, so to me it's well worth the premium price -------- you do usually get what you pay for.
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    I've used CQG forever.

    If your interest is strickly in the Mini, they will not charge a reduced exhange fee, unlike most other providers. That's a bad thing.
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    What software do you use for futures charts on german DAX index?

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    CQG rules. but it is pretty expensive imho.
    I use eSignal, second best and now with tick volume for futures.
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    Thanks tntneo. eSignal costs $185/month plus $22 Eurex fee. That's not cheap. :mad:

    Livecharts is free with ES and NQ futures. :)

    Futures on DAX seems to be very good instrument for day trading. What do you think?

    25 EUR x index value ( ca. 4700 ) = 117,000 EUR value of 1 contract. On last Friday: vol 88,000, quote range over 200 pts!!!
    3,9 EUR commission at IB. Margin is higher than for ES - 11,500 EUR at IB.

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    eSignal is $99 + fees..
    You don't really need the more expensive subscription.

    The Dax feed is very good too, I have a subscription for it at my company.

    livecharts is good as backup, it is not always reliable. NexTrend is another (better) backup, search the forum for info about it. It is free too in limited features version.

  9. Been using QCharts going on three years. Platform is head and shoulders above others for analytics.

    $80 a mth + exchange fees.

    Includes years of historical data on an unlimited number of securities. Also free delayed data on those exchanges you don't want to pay exchange fees for.

    Ravenquote can be used with Qfeed as well for those with more demanding technical analysis/indicator needs.

    Only thing missing is international exchange data.
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    tntneo: “CQG rules. but it is pretty expensive imho.”

    They’ve always seemed virtually uninterested in maintaining your business. I have very little good to say about the general attitude at the company other than the fact that they do provide a superior product in terms of data reliability.

    I’ve heard they are planning on raising their base price, too. Still, it’s not as expensive as the old days.

    I would guide most people away, especially a newer trader. If I were trading stocks I would have no interest as they do not provide intraday volume data.
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