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Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by bgp, Apr 15, 2004.

  1. bgp


    has anybody tried futuresource xtra?
  2. cyberanga


    Yeah, i've been using it for over a year now. I love it - great, clean data and the price is awesome.
  3. FutureSource has one of the best clean data in the business.

    I've tested on one computer while testing another data vendor (QCharts, eSignal and TradeStation) on another computer.

    Although it lacks all the bells and whistles the other software programs may have...

    If your a price action only trader or a candlestick trader like me...

    Having good data is critical. With QCharts , eSignal or TradeStation I remember I would get a candlestick pattern signal...take the trade...

    Relook at the data later the night to see changes in a few ticks here and there...enough to change the candlestick pattern I had traded.

    CME also uses FutureSource products.

    FsXtra is for traders that need a web-based feature.

    FS Workstation (new product) and ProNet (old product) is their stand alone programs.

    All FS products have a free trial. So its very easy to do your own comparisons.

    Remember get what you pay for.

    With that said...there's a reason why data vendors like FutureSource, Bloomberg, CQG and Bridge (now Reuters) are more expensive than the others...

    Worth every penny without all the clutter.

  4. do you also use the real time news tools ? if yes are they fast and reliable ? thx
  5. jrs3


    Future Source runs on Microsoft Virtual Machine ONLY! This causes a major conflict with most brokers who use JAVA. You cannot run future source and have Interactive Brokers as your broker.
  6. cyberanga


    No, they finally fixed that problem. future source now works with both the Sun JVM and Microsoft's. i have a friend who couldn't use the product because of that, but they fixed it with their newest release (believe it came out last month)
  7. bgp