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    In the TS2000i is it possible to update the end of day OHLC data on say NASDAQ Index, manually on a data file in globalserver. Thanks!
  2. Yes,

    Go to global server
    Double click on te Nasdaq symbol
    Edit symbol go to edit data
    Choose in Field/Resolution Trade Record 1 day
    Click on Load data
    Go to the day for which you want to change the data and overwrite the fields you want.
    Save the data

    That’s all
  3. It so pathetic TS never updated Global Server. It is sadly out-of-date.
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    Thanks Spike, now is it possible add data only one daily tick at a time or some cut and paste action can take place to add say 100 days of data in one command.
  5. I don't understand what you mean.

    You can import daily data but not intraday data. I think tickdata is possible with help of other software.
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    EOD is all I need, what are the sources and procedures to import EOD data in TS2K. Thanks Agian!
  7. Look in the Global Serevr, there are many formats that can be read by TS2000. The easiest way to do is to export data from TS2000 to a txt file. Then use that format to prepare the data that has to be imported.
    You export data through the DATA WINDOW.
    Use Print to File function and send it to a TXT file.
  8. Sorry,

    not Print to file but Send to file.

    It is all explained in the help function.
  9. Put your data in the excel that i added.
    Save the file as .TXT, not as .XLS!

    Use the importfunction in Global server and all the data will be imported.
  10. Toc,

    open the zipfile and copy the .xpo file to your PC

    follow the instructions below:

    Global server format
    Select the xpo file

    The file should create an item automatically and import the data directly.
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