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  1. duece


    Does anyone have any recommendations for data/trading platforms for trading futures?

    I've used CQG for charting but that's a bit too pricey. As a substitute, I've looked into futuresource but it seems there's a lot of people unhappy with esignal. Any thoughts on Futuresource data and what the monthly fee is?

    For trading, I've been looking at velocity futures for order entry with X-Trader.

    And just recently, I took a look at Tradestation. Tradestation looks as though they have something similar to X-Trader. In addition, looks like they have in house data, quotes, and charting. Tradestation seems like it could provide everything I need. I couldn't find any info on platform pricing though.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  2. yshterk


    Why don't you trade from CQG? If you use it for charting you already have the trading part and it is free. Do the math and realize it is cheaper to have this one product that covers data, analytics and trading.
    Not even talking about data reliability and speed of execution...
  3. duece


    You can trade through CQG but I just find it more clumsy. Just a personal preference I guess.
  4. Biog


    Any other recommendations on this question below....

  5. patoo


    I trade the S&P index and monitor the rest of the indexes. I can't speak for stock trading.

    I have migrated through the various versions of Tradestation since Windows 3.1 days.

    TS can be a resource hog. If TS chokes the box {because of fast market/slow hardware/internet feed} you will have trade execution problems.

    Downside is: People there are sweet, courteous and seem to have just come from Walmart. Don't even ask a question.
  6. its the only server based trading platform (Stops are held on servers in the FCM. Man Financial , RCG , Fortis and many other FCM's that support SR).

    If some thing happed to your PC or network you stops are still executed.

    SR also offers trailing stops and Trading from the charts as well as fully automated trading.
  7. The addy for vcap is a UPS Store [PMB] in Houston?
  8. ???

    Vcapital Office Address (parent company)
    5701 S. Mopac Expwy #117
    Austin, Texas 78749
    t + 1 (512) 828 6626
    f + 1 (512) 697 0046

    Vcap Futures Mailing Address:
    815-A Brazos Street #265
    Austin, Texas 78701

    Austin Office
    t + 1 (512) 828 6626
    f + 1 (512) 697 0046

    Dallas Office
    t + 1 (214) 256 5999
    f + 1 (512) 697 0046

    "Founded in 1999, vCap operates under four core areas of specialization: funding domestic and international venture capital and private equity investments, facilitating capital introductions for alternative investment firms, hedge fund consulting and wealth management. Our parent and subsidiary companies include vCapital LLC, vCapGroup LLC, vCapVentures LLC, vCapFutures LLC and Alexander Securities Group LLC.

    vCap introduces private capital providers to companies seeking early stage/seed capital and hedge fund managers seeking capital introductions to increase their assets under management. Types of funds raised include buy-out, venture capital, hedge, mezzanine, turn-around, real estate, technology, logistics and biotech in the US Europe and Asia."

  9. What did you want????

    .... a Fed Ex Store addy - LOL! :D
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