Data source needed for German DAX Future!

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  1. Hi,

    I have created a trading strategy for germans DAX index (GDAXI) but like to trade it with the dax-future.

    now, I must backtest this strategy at the FDAX. But I dont know how, since I dont have historical data sources for the FDAX. Can you help me?

    PS: I backtest the strategy using Wealth Lab.

    Best regards
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  3. I need only daily data

    Thanks for your link, but unfortunately, this is not what i need. GDAXI is the underlying index for the dax future.
    But i cannot simply thade the index itself, but only the future on it. It is called DAX-Future and I think has the Symbol ^FDAXC1.

    I want to test if the trading strategy runs also on the future well, because the future doesnt always runs the same direction al the underlying does. Could you also give me the data source of ^FDAXc1 ?

    Thanks in advance!
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  5. can i get them for free somewhere?

  6. Here it is.

    You must take in consideration this is data for the continuous contract which at times differs from the front month data as the contract nears expiration.

    Good luck.
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    For those of you that trade the DAX from a US$ account. How often do you convert your Euro balance back to US$?

  8. While I don't trade it, the brokerage should convert it for you, based on on interbank rates I believe
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    i sell a currency future against the euros i make and then just let it expire and take delivery on the dollars. this eliminates the shitty conversion rate i was getting. i sell some futures whenever i think the euro is at a good level to convert, like last week i sold at $1.23. im not trying to call tops in it i just look for levels where i would be happy to convert at.
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    They will, but leave it up to me to decide how often. Just curious what most traders do in this situation. I can leave the balance in Euro or instruct the clearing firm to convert it back to US$.
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